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Best selfie spots around our hotel (Plus selfie top tips)

By June 20, 2018Things to do

Everyone loves a good selfie either with friends, family or a cheeky solo selfie! We wanted to share some of our favourite selfie spots around our hotel, as well as some top tips, so you can capture the best selfies possible.

The Terrace – Our grassy terrace situated outside of our bar looks out towards the sea creating a stunning backdrop for your selfie.

The Dune Gardens – Below our terrace are the dune gardens where you can kick back, relax and take a picture with your favourite person.

The Sea View Lawn – Our wide open sea view lawn with an outdoor play area is an ideal place for a family selfie.

Wild Cafe/Herring Restaurants – Our restaurants are the best place for foodie lovers to get their perfect selfie.

Sensory Spa Garden – Settled down by the fire with a calming cup of herbal tea is a lovely cosy spot to get a picture or two.

Bonus: Mawgan Porth Beach – Just down the road from us is Mawgan Porth Beach, which is a perfect spot for a nice walk and a cheeky selfie.

Check out our top selfie tips below:

  1. We have a lot of windows around the hotel, which is great for wave watching but not the best for selfies. Make sure you are facing a window and that it’s not behind you. Otherwise, one of two things will happen: you will be a shadow and the view will look great or we will see your face and the background will be blown out.
  2. Utilise your tallest friend as they will be able to hold your phone up high to get lots of people in or alternatively you can invest in a selfie stick.
  3. Use the elements to your advantage. For example, if the sun is out you’ve got yourself some natural lighting all thanks to mother nature. Make sure the sun isn’t behind you though, unless you want to be in shadow with some stylish lens flare going on and beware of shadows on your face if the sun is high in the sky.
  4. Play with angles and find the one that works for you. Up high or in front is usually best, but don’t be afraid to experiment!
  5. Think about what’s in the background. Even though the focus is on your face, make sure that your background is looking great too. Areas like brick walls draped in plants, beaches with golden sand and sunny blue skies and a brightly coloured house with a cobbled stone street are all great choices. Be sure to watch out for photobombers and casual passers by too.
  6. And last but not least don’t forget to smile and have fun!

We always love seeing pictures from your holidays and visits to our hotel – don’t forget to share your selfies with us by using the hashtag #bedruthanhotel

Bedruthan Stories Competition 

We were so touched and overwhelmed by the reaction to our Bedruthan Stories competition last year – that we wanted to re-launch it for 2018. It is so lovely to hear how special Bedruthan has been and continues to be, for people, and to share all of the wonderful stories, memories and photos that have been generated over the years – we just couldn’t bear to miss any! So we’re offering anyone the chance to share their story and any stories we publish and share on the website will receive a £50 gift voucher to spend in the hotel, spa, restaurants, gallery and shop. Click here for more information on how to enter.