Aaaand Relax #BedruthanStories
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Aaaaand Relaaax #BedruthanStories

By November 23, 2017Bedruthan Stories

This runner’s up story of the Bedruthan Stories competition tells of a very special moment on a relaxing, romantic break…

We went to your sister hotel for our honeymoon. We fell in love with Mawgan Porth.  We vowed to visit again.  I arranged a surprise trip for my husband’s 40th in December 2015.  We’d had a tough few years losing three babies and wondering if we’d ever have a family.  It felt like returning to Mawgan Porth would help us heal and let me relax to nurture the 17 week old baby growing in my tummy; the first baby to make it beyond the 12 week scan.

He was so thrilled when I told him where we were going.  His face lit up in the way that only I get to see – sheer boyish delight.  It was 17 degrees when we arrived.  In December!  I sat out on the terrace.  He crashed out on the bed, exhausted with worry that I was OK and the baby was well.

We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary that other couples wouldn’t do: walked on the beach; went to the spa; sat in the bar.  But it was that beach, where we had walked as honeymooners.  And it was your spa where the therapist gave me a wonderful mum-to-be treatment that made me feel, for the first time, that I was like any other mum-to-be, that this might just be OK this time.  And it was your mixologist who created bespoke alcohol free cocktails that tasted wonderful.

And it was in your bed, that I felt the baby move for the first time.  It took me ages to understand what the weird feeling in my tummy was but I’m certain I felt it because I was relaxed.  That perhaps the baby (now a one year old called Will) was saying “t’s ok mum, I’m here, you look after dad for the weekend”.

What an amazing 40th birthday gift for my husband.  To know that I would always be able to tell him that the baby was OK, because I’d felt it move just a moment before.  And it happened at Mawgan Porth.  Which now has even more fond memories for us than before.