A Winter's Tale #BedruthanStories
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A Winter’s Tale #BedruthanStories

By November 2, 2017Bedruthan Stories

Our next runner’s up story from the Bedruthan Stories competition is very topical with the Christmas Craft Fair coming up in the next few weeks. Here is Katie’s story about her experience of one of our Christmas fairs.

The frost sparkled like diamonds encrusting the ground, my car wheels crunching as I park and look up to see the welcoming warmth emanating from the Bedruthan Hotel. It was the day of the Christmas Craft Fair, my traditional festive day to myself in our hectic family schedule.

Cornwall takes on a certain magic in the depths of winter enhancing all your senses. The clifftop setting with wild wind whipping my hair made it all the more comforting to step foot into the twinkle of fairy lights and the aroma of mince pies wrapping around me like a familiar hug. The Bedruthan Christmas Craft Fair is a treasure trove of beautiful sights, sounds and experiences. Every stall holding creations to capture imagination and delight. Before I realise my arms are heavy with gifts purchased for family and friends. Having ticked off the gift list I can know spoil myself with some enchanting tree decorations for my already laden pine at home. Drawn further into the fair I collapse in a chair and finally submit to the temptation of tea and a sweet treat.

Rejuvenated I am up and onto one of the creative workshops – paint, prints and glitter and I am pleased with my own slightly wonky creation. Slight splatters of paint on my hands and glitter in my hair doesn’t deter me from watching a live demo and taking note to recreate the temptation at home. When I can shop, eat and meander no more I head back through the smiling faces to the exit, with a glance back into the throng I know I will be back next year.

Clutching my bags, now thoroughly weary but in festive spirit I head back through the dimming light with a final glimpse at the glinting sea catching the last scraps of winter sun. I am heading home to my own cosy Cornish nook with my hoard of treasures and memories made. I am already secretly planning my post-Christmas return visit to Bedruthan to unwind from the festivities with a relaxing spa day to welcome in the bright new year.