5 reasons why you should start yoga
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5 reasons why you should start yoga

By October 11, 2018Spa

If you are nervous that you can’t even touch your toes, then you will be among the high percentage of people that are starting yoga for the first time. You may not be flexible when you start yoga but this, among many other reasons, is a great incentive to start. Here are some other reasons you should get on the mat:

1. Yoga will help you become more flexible. To start with you may not be able to hold a pose without falling over or even touch your toes, but by doing the asanas (otherwise known as postures) that are taught in yoga classes you will be able to stretch and tone those over-worked muscles. This will make you more flexible, give you better muscle functionality and make you more resistant to injury.

2. Yoga will tone you up. The postures and deep breathing taught in yoga classes help to develop your muscles, including the deep core muscles and stabilising muscles, which will make you toned and strong.

3. Yoga will give you focus. By doing different asanas it will help you with balance, coordination and maintaining a steady breath, which teaches you to focus and allow you to feel in control, even when faced with difficult situations.

4. Yoga will give you more confidence and trust in yourself. Challenging yoga poses allow you to face your fears and eventually do poses that you initially thought were impossible.

5. Yoga can help resolve chronic back pain. Moving through the different postures will mobilise and release muscles that have become congested due to our modern day lifestyles. This frees up your spine, so that you can walk a few centimetre’s taller.